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Executive Briefing

Join us for a sobering discussion about the incredible cost of embedded sales mediocrity and the impact it can have on your bottom line. 

Omaha, NE

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

8:30 am - 10:30 am

Designed for Executives and Sales Leaders, this 2-hour discussion will examine traditional selling methods and help participants reflect on their current practices and their potential for success. We then review a systematic approach to selling, and help attendees understand how applying it in their world could be the key to achieve more sales, increased revenues, and higher margins. Are you ready to change the "behavior dynamics" of your sales division?

Some of the items we will cover

  • How prospects like to buy
  • What is traditional selling
  • Qualify hard, close easy
  • Don’t sell features and benefits
  • Know that you are being lied to
  • Save more time closing more deals
  • Stay in control of the sales call
  • Avoid “pre-mature presentation”
  • How to improve selling effectiveness
  • How to improve selling efficiency
  • Have selling be more fun than ever

Challenge your core beliefs about sales performance

Sales is a high-rejection field and can weigh heavily on business professionals who face "no" every day. Is your team working hard but with frustrating results? Attend this event if you are searching for solutions to the business obstacles you face when trying to sell, manage a sales team, and grow your company.

Discover the incredible cost of sales mediocrity

Sandler Training works with companies and individuals who desire to take their sales performance to the next level. The systematic methodologies are designed to make it easy for your prospects to buy from you while reducing the effort required by the sales professional. Be ready to challenge yourself and current beliefs about professional selling, and to be open to how different and fun selling can be.

Upcoming Events

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