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Fractional Sales Management

Support your team to overcome the stigma of selling and develop their skills to sell more effectively

What would you do with your time if you could outsource management of your sales team?

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We work with business owners and CEO's who feel anxious about how thinly their time and energy is stretched, struggling to give their sales team the coaching they need to perform and worried if they are making the right financial and operational decisions for their business to excel.

By outsourcing the coaching, accountability and other activities of sales team leadership, you get a systematic approach that supports your team's success, while freeing up time in your week to work on your business.


Fractional Sales Management

It is the equivalent of hiring a part time, outsourced director/VP level leader for your sales team to set up and consistently manage an accountability system, assess the team’s strengths and weaknesses to capitalize on what they are doing well, while providing coaching and training on the areas where their technique and behavior needs tweaking. There is a regular sales funnel review and an expectation that the individual team members make regular commitments to progressing their development.

Who does it work for?

Fractional sales management works best for small to medium sized businesses, where there are 1 - 9 sales reps reporting directly to the Owner, President/CEO or a Senior VP. They typically find themselves being sucked into the details of sales process but crave time back in their calendar and more mental energy to run the business. They sometimes feel stuck, because they can’t quite justify hiring a full-time sales leader. Fractional sales management allows them to outsource the people-leadership part of the role and frees up time for strategy.

How do we support your team? 

Establish and reinforce Sandler sales methodology and training for your business development team members

Establish an accountability system through:

  • Check-in/Check-out: set priorities, make commitments, reflect and review performance in role for the week to feed into lessons learned, coaching and priorities for the next week
  • Pipeline review
  • Targeted coaching/training-based conversations and role play
  • Use of CRM reporting in accountability system
  • Expectation of team members to leverage CRM tool

What if my team already performs well?
Great!! We can take your team of all-stars and continue the momentum with additional support, while you redirect your energy to scaling in other areas, like operations, marketing, back-office, technology or new business acquisitions. Frankly, if you want to spend the extra time on the golf course or traveling with your family, we think that is great too.

What if the team is not performing well?
In our experience, what is typically missing is data to back up performance conversations. With an accountability method, we start gathering and documenting trends, so you can see if performance blips are in fact performance trends, both positive and negative. Using that data, you can then make informed decisions to take action.

Who does the team report to?
As the VP or owner, your team still reports to you. We support you and your team members by setting expectations, creating a proactive sales activity plan and ensuring those behaviors actually happen to drive growth.

Fractional Sales Management does not include: recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, ride-alongs, discipline, termination, compensation, performances reviews and/or promotion. The data we provide will support your ability to make those decisions.

How will I, as the CEO, stay connected to how the team is doing?
We provide written performance data and outcomes in weekly emails to senior leadership. This will support you to execute on performance reviews and other Human Resource actions, such as promotions, discipline, termination, and compensation.

In addition, we regularly meet with senior leadership to debrief on progress, patterns, trends and any recommendations.

What is the transition timeline to a full-time sales leader?
It could be as little as 1-2 years or upward of 3-4 years, you will have grown to a point where you will need a full time sales leader, perhaps someone on the sales team who has become proficient at the accountability and behavior system in place. We co-design a transition plan with our clients to help the new leader take over. Either way, we support you personally and professionally at every stage.

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CEO’s who want to see their teams performing well and supported in their professional development, while creating more space to focus on business strategy and operations appreciate greatly from partnering with us through fractional sales management.