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It is true that some salespeople just seem to have what it takes right from the beginning.  It is almost like these people are born with certain innate qualities that support the necessary behaviors high performing sales people must consistantly engage to have success in the world of sales.  When you ask how these high performers do it, it is often difficult for them to explain.  It is even more difficult for them to pass on their skills to others because, unless the 'others' have the same innate qualities, the high performer's lessons may not translate.

Unfortunately, most of the people in the world of professional selling are potential high performers waiting for someone or something to unlock the potential within.  Until this happens, these salespeople will be average, maybe good performers for months, years, even decades.  If only the high performers could just pass on what it is they do to achieve their selling success to those who have the potential!

It is amazing to me how many people in the world of professionals selling have never been trained on how to sell.  O.K., so maybe they went to a seminar or two thinking that as a result, instant transformation into a high performing salesperson would take place.  From my experience, businesses and corporations believe if their sales people become experts on the products and services they sell, that would translate into ability to sell.  Therefore, most of the 'sales' training is on the products and services that they will sell rather than the actual communication process that occurs when the sales person and prospect meet.  And, unless these salespeople have the innate qualities described above, they settle into their average performance and the years begin to go by with their high performance potential locked up and unavailable.

Maybe that is why I got into the sales training business.  There is nothing more rewarding to me then to see a professional salesperson develop a selling system that unlocks their potential and they join the ranks of the high performers!

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