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Karl Schaphorst & Associates, LLC | Serving both Omaha, NE & Des Moines, IA

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Foundations Sales Training Boot Camp

A two-day, precision selling skills training program exclusively for sales professionals.

Omaha 2-Day Boot Camp

December 18th & 19th

This course delivers the core principles of the popular Sandler Selling System - a unique, integrity-based system that promotes a more effective and coachable sales process. Revitalize your team’s outlook with a fresh perspective on the selling process and a crystal-clear understanding of the anatomy of a successful sales cycle. Members of your team will refine their ability to handle every buyer-seller interaction in as close to the optimum way as is humanly possible.

For additional information call Karl at (402) 616-1098.

Ready to see results?

Join us for this two-day boot camp designed to provide an understanding of the attitudes, techniques, and behaviors needed to elevate your sales performance. Learn to...

  • Take control of the sales process and avoid the “buyer-seller” dance
  • Overcome your sales “head trash” and take your professional skills to the next level
  • Uncover the power of becoming mentally and emotionally tough in sales
  • Prevent stalls, objections and become comfortable prospecting
  • Develop a trusted advisor relationship with prospects and customers
  • Develop questioning strategies to uncover the prospect’s true motive to buy
  • Establish a system for selling that puts you and the prospect at ease
  • Get in front of more opportunities and close more deals in less time
  • Sell without looking like a traditional salesperson
  • Spend less time with unqualified prospects and shift the conversation from price to value