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What do you really learn by getting a "yes"?

Job well done. Keep doing what you're doing. Get comfortable. Right?

That's all fine, but realize that while your "yes" may make you happy, it doesn't necessarily make you a better salesperson.

Many sales training programs would lead you to believe that you've failed when you get a "no." This isn't entirely true. Sure, you missed out on a sale, but you've actually been successful in getting a decision from the prospect and you've also grown your skill set through that bit of adversity. Every "no" will move you closer to an eventual "yes."

While it may sound discouraging, you should still always be prepared to hear "no" a lot more than "yes." When you're ready for that "no," you can tune into the prospect's reasoning for turning you down, and you can ask the right questions to take away something valuable from the sales interaction — even if that something isn't their signature. Once you realize that there is a significant amount of value in a "no" instead of dreading it and tuning out of the conversation once you hear that word, you'll approach every sales interaction as a no-fail situation — and what salesperson would say "no" to that. Watch Sandler trainer Casey Coffman explain Sandler Rule #43.


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