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Karl Schaphorst

"The professional does what he did as a dummy...on purpose." --David Sandler

One of David Sandler's critical selling rules - "Don't spill your candy in the lobby" - can sound a little confusing to someone who is unfamiliar with the Sandler Selling System methodology.

Tom's best customer, Meg, called and asked for a favor:  "Can you talk to my new assistant Karen about getting up to speed with your software?  She's got a couple of questions I don't have time to answer."


One of the distinguishing characteristics of top performers in sales is the ability to avoid two common, self-imposed mental handicaps:  reachback and afaterburn.

Jack, a salesperson, was having some challenges.  Feedback from multiple sources - his own clients, prospects, customers, and colleagues - suggested that his communication skills needed some work.

If you lose a big sale, have a bad month, or don't make quota, what is your typical first response?  For many salespeople, there is a temptation to externalize.

Vincent's closing numbers were not what he had been hoping for.  He asked his manager, Lynnette, what she thought the problem might be.  After a little role-playing, Lynnette suggested that Vincent was spending too much time selling "from inside a box."

Stan was frustrated.  He kept getting "shot down on price" during discussions with prospective buyers.

Marina was having some problems with the opening phases of her sales process.

Jane, a new sales hire, was settling into her workspace on Friday morning, all ready to celebrate the first quarter in which she'd been able to exceed her revenue target ... when she got a voicemail message that made her stomach churn.