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In our clients' own words

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Sandler Training - Nebraska & Iowa Testimonial

Two of our clients talk about the impact our system has had on their businesses. 

RDS Systems

"Because of Sandler I have saved a ton of time! Work smarter, not Harder!"

Mike Addy

Mike Addy
Felipe Arango2


"If you have a sales team that deals with cold calling and new opportunity prospecting, this is a great facility to train on Sandler Methodology."

Felipe Arango

Fry & Associates

"Sandler Training has completely re-invigorated my sales career, especially with my new company, which is 100% driven by Sandler! My sales are increasing daily without more stress."

Andrew Ferguson

Andrew Ferguson
Scott Knaack

Prince Manufacturing

The Sandler Training system has been great for our business. The tools have allowed our close rate to increase from 30% to over 50%, my salesman have more time to work on quality accounts, and it has been fun learning how to become a professional sales person. Karl and Pat are great to work with as trainers and coaches and we always come out of our monthly training sessions with something we can apply to our business.

Scott Knaack


I have been going to Karl's classes for over a year and he is very inspirational and he has taught me a lot about sales psychology. I have used his techniques to learn how to weed out prospects that are not likely to buy anyway which gives me a lot more time to focus on the good ones. I have also recommended Karl to other friends who are now attending his classes and many of them have some great success stories as well. There is no better sales trainer that I have met in Iowa or Nebraska or anywhere else for that matter! We are very fortunate to have him travel to Des Moines once a week!!

Des Holt

Des Holt2




Pam Dacon

Mail Communications Group, LLC

Thank you so much for the amazing support and partnership you have provided to MCG. We had a great year this year, and we are so grateful for the training from Sandler to keep us focused, on track, and not surrendering to a pandemic, but instead overcoming and successfully meeting and exceeding our numbers.

Pam Deacon


Terry Smieja 2


"Sandler training is by far one of the most valuable investments our company has made. As a result of attending President's Club our franchise revenue ranking went from #12 in the nation to #4! Additionally, the continuous education increased our trading activity by more than 1 million dollars in one month and continues to grow. You simply cannot ignore the results. Sandler sales training is now mandatory for each member of my staff."

Terri Smieja

Mr. Carshipper

"Any organization looking to take their sales division to the next level needs to work with Karl. He brings tools and techniques to the table which are easy to understand and implement. Sales revenues in our organization have more than doubled in the last year as a direct result of Sandler Training. Sales training is commitment. Karl brings passion, understanding and real-world examples into his classes. He is not a textbook trainer, he's the real deal!"

Jerry Teeter

Jerry Teeter
Patricia Fredrichs

Mail Services, LLC


Thank you Sandler! My 2020 sales increased 136% year-over-year because “Sandler Works!” Sandler calls itself sales training, but I call it sales generating. Sales is a numbers game, but Sandler makes the numbers work for you, reducing competition, time to close, increasing deal size, and margins. Two specific Sandler techniques were beneficial in this process: networking and referrals. By staying close and bringing value to those in my network, I learned of a prospect that could benefit from our services. My network contact made introductions, which lead to my single largest sale to date. Thanks to Sandler, I had laid the groundwork with my network, identified when there was an opportunity, was provided with the referral and won the business. I’m looking forward to what 2021 will bring!

Patricia Fredrichs



Nancy Thompson2

Access Bank

I was introduced to Sandler Training in January of 2016 by one of my most successful real estate agent business partners.  I enrolled in Sandler Training because I saw that it would provide me with a level of professionalism that would set me apart from other loan officers.  I have worked as a mortgage loan officer for over 20 years and have experienced the traditional features and benefits sales training.  Sandler Training has a completely different approach.  Sandler Training helped me recognize my value as a mortgage professional and as a result change my approach to the mortgage business.  I no longer had to sell on rate or price.  Sandler taught me to control the selling process rather than let the customer control the process.  I learned techniques that helped me increase my close rate to 90 percent and saw my income increase 20 percent in one year with less hours spent working.  Sandler Training gave me the confidence to ask my employer for a higher commission payout based on my value.  Karl Schaphorst, the Sandler trainer in Omaha, coached me through difficult selling scenarios and is a wonderful mentor and encouragement.  I credit Sandler Training with challenging me to excellence both personally and professionally.  My investment in Sandler Training and most importantly in myself was well worth it.  Sandler Training is a great program!

Daniel Winegarden

"Sandler Training, and regional IA/NE leader Karl Schaphorst, professionalize sales. As hard as it is to make stuff well and consistently, it's still harder to sell stuff. Sales empowers everything else in our businesses. As business leaders we have to get sales right. There's theory and then there's practice. Ideally, best practices are informed by what works -- research reduced to useful guidance. That's Sandler. Want to escape the commodity trap of competing on price and giving away every last dollar of margin to win a sale? Want your staff to really play as a team off the same playbook? Want to use psychology and understand emotions to better serve the customer? Sandler can help. It requires breaking old habits and practicing new ones. Every hour I've spent with Karl or his Sandler Training team yielded useful insights and immediately applicable action steps. Those "ah ha" moments are the call of opportunity. Sandler is also great with the essential follow-through and consistency. Karl is an experienced professional sales engineer. He's been there and done that and will help your business succeed with Sandler Training tools. The new Sandler Omaha training center is also the perfect environment to focus on team-building and personal development. Highly recommended to business leaders."

Daniel Winegarden

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